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YouTube Project Idea

Here you can submit a project idea.

But please note the following:
There must be no similar project on my channel.
Your project must be free from any copyright violations.
Your project must be suitable for all age groups on Youtube.
Your idea must match my videos and my workshop.
( I can’t build any large furniture or similar at the moment. )

Please describe your idea as good as possible.
In the first step no sketches or 3D models can be submitted yet.
If you have already created sketches or 3D models of them,
please add them to the text via a link. (Link to Dropbox or similar)

If your idea is suitable for a video,
then I will get in touch with you
and we can discuss further details via Telegram App.

If you like, I would like to name you as the author of the idea in the video description.

Project Idea

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