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Facts about me

that’s me…   have fun 🙂

that's me... born in 1977

I've got blue eyes

here is where I live

I live in Wittenburg, in northern Germany

I'm 100% european

Irish, Scottish and Welsh (46.6%)
Eastern Europeans (31.5%)
Northern and Western Europeans (18.7%)
Finn (3.2%)

our cat "Elfi"

She was saved from a crossroads when she was about 6 weeks old.
She loves our bathroom and likes to play with water.

my workplace

I work full-time in the IT department of a medium-sized public limited company.

hobby #1

filming, video editing, photography

Making YouTube videos is a very time consuming hobby.

hobby #2


Meanwhile we have our own sports studio at home.

hobby #3

pencil drawing, coloured pencil drawing, acrylic
( erotic-art, porn-art, portraits, still life )

hobby #4

( Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Farming Simulator )

hobby #5

playing piano
I love piano pieces and if there’s still time, I’ll play something.

my all time favourite emojis

my favourite colours

I've got a new suggestion for a fact.

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