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If you’re on business then the following applies:

I don’t want any products made available to me free of charge. I don’t make any product presentations in my videos and also don’t give my “honest and of course not bought opinion” about it. I don’t need SEO optimization of my website.


You’re a private viewer of my videos or even a subscriber? Feel free to contact me with feedback, ideas, wishes and all kind of questions! But there are also a few very important rules:

Never call me! Call attempts are blocked immediately and blacklisted forever.
Only German or English.

contact options

Feel free to contact me via the following options:
My favourite messenger for 1to1 chat is Telegram.
For anonymous questions tellonym is the first choice.

No matter what you choose, be nice… 🙂


My favourite messenger, similar to Whatsapp, can be used via Smartphone App and PC App at the same time without annoying login and logout. This makes writing very pleasant and fast.


My #1 app for anonymous questions.
Be sure to use the app and not the website!
There are translation errors on the website and the answers hardly make sense.
The questions and answers are public.
Everyone with the app can read everything.


Traditionally with Outlook and Co.

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